Junta Arrest Taunggyi Residents, Explosions Rock Lashio


Authorities arrested many civilians this week in southern Shan State as Burma’s military government ramp up efforts to quell civil unrest building across the country since a coup in the southeast Asian nation two months ago.

Protest at Taunggyi 23 March
Protest at Taunggyi 23 March

Four male youths were arrested in their home in the state capital, Taunggyi, on March 23, according to locals from Phayar Phyu ward, where the young people live.

In the same ward, security forces beat up a 60-year-old resident in his home before arresting the man on March 21. Authorities arrested nine ethnic Chinese Burmese nationals in a funeral home on the same day in the ward.

In Yadana Thiri ward, police and soldiers arrested a school teacher and her daughter in their home in Taunggyi without probable cause in the morning on March 23. They are still in custody. The same day in the ward, authorities nabbed five Chinese Burmese nationals, including a school teacher and her daughter.

Soldiers and police are staying in a school located in Yadana Thiri ward, in a high school at the Three-Street Junction and at the Chan Mya Thazi Administration Office.

In northern Shan State, two explosions happened in the home of Than Tin, who is a retired Burma Army soldier. The blasts wounded two people in Lashio on Tuesday.

“The sound of the explosion was really loud..The whole ward was afraid,” said a man from Ner Mahkaw ward-1, where the explosions happened. He told SHAN one went off at 3 pm and the second happened an hour later.

On March 22, a explosion happened in a police guest house in Ward 4.

A witness told SHAN that plainclothes police in a Toyota Wish station wagon tried to hit protesters riding a motorcyclist in Lashio on Tuesday morning.

Another source said that security around Lashio has increased, with soldiers and police standing at almost every corner of the town checking everyone who passes.

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