Woman Shot Dead in Hsipaw Township


By Hseng Leng/SHAN

Unidentified assailants shot and killed a woman and injured her husband when the couple returned to their home in northern Shan State this Monday evening, January 11.


A man from Namlan town, located in Hsipaw Township, where the incident happened, told SHAN the woman was shot seven times and her spouse shot once.

The woman died on the way to Lashio Public Hospital. The husband is receiving medical care.

Sai Su, from Namlan, said the couple operate a profitable business. “I think they didn’t pay back money they owed.”

SHAN contacted Namlan Police Station for comment but no-one answered.

In 2019, a man from Namlan was also shot dead in his home. The assailant, who was never identified by police, remains at large.

In Hsipaw Township, there’s many armed groups that are active.

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