One-Hundred COVID-19 Cases Confirmed in 24-hrs


One hundred cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Burma within 24 hours. Although most of the cases are in Rakhine State, one is a resident of Taunggyi who is being treated in Yangon.

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The Government’s Ministry of Health and Sports (MoHS) reported 30 cases at 8 p.m. on August 25 and the following day at the same time a record 70 cases were confirmed. 

The Taunggyi resident— Case 477— who is from Phayar Phyu ward, had no prior overseas travel and did not have contact with other confirmed cases.

Dr Zawana Ko, deputy head of the public health department for Shan State, told SHAN that Case 477 traveled to Yangon on August 2 and was tested in a hospital on August 22 after experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms.

Ko Win Naing Soe, with the Taunggyi Volunteer Team, says he’s worried about an outbreak in the Shan State capital. Ko Win Naing Soe told SHAN his team is raising funds to buy supplies to help prevent a possible outbreak. “We’re preparing to spray disinfectants. We will call our volunteers.”

Ko Win Naing Soe told SHAN the township’s general administration officer and village headmen are launching a campaign to wear face masks. “I see a lot of people wearing masks again.”

Nearly 200 cases were found in Rakhine State between August 16 and August 26.

MoHS reported 580 confirmed cases on August 26, while 345 have recovered and six died.

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