COVID-19 Patients Still Recovering In Kengtung


Three COVID-19 patients, including a doctor and a nurse that were infected with the coronavirus, are recovering in a hospital in eastern Shan State.

“All of the patients are in good health,” said Dr Hla Htay Min, head of the Kengtung public hospital.

He told SHAN that Case 96, the doctor, tested negative twice and quarantined in a private room until May 20. “If nothing happens to him during this period, we’ll let him leave the hospital.”

Case 112 is the nurse, Dr Hla Htay Min said, and Case-64 is a youth.

Case 64 was tested five times. On the third time, he tested negative but tested positive on the fourth and fifth time. The nurse’s test results were negative the third test, but positive the fourth time.

COVID-19 is highly contagious and many of those infected are asymptomatic, posing extra dangers for front line medical workers. Many doctors and nurses around the world have contracted the virus, assumed while treating patients.

According to the Ministry of Health and Sports (MoHS) Case 64 tested positive on April 11, the doctor on April 18 and the nurse on April 20. All of the patients have been receiving medical treatment at the Kengtung hospital since this time.

In Shan State, there have been 6 infections. Two recovered and were discharged from the Muse and Lashio public hospitals.

On April 16, the MoHS reported 182 confirmed cases in the country, while 6 have died and 89 have recovered.