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Civilian Fatalities Rising During Southern Shan State Conflict

The Pa-O Youth Organization (PYO) reported on May 28 that over 75 civilians have been killed since the conflict began just over four months...

Regime Bombardments Kill 66 Civilians in Southern Shan State

Over 66 civilians have been killed and 79 injured by air bombardments by the regime since fighting began in the Pa'O Self-administered Zone in...

Civilian Casualties Rising During Clashes in Southern Shan State

Airstrikes and artillery by the Military Council have resulted in the deaths and injuries of over hundred civilians since fighting broke out between the...

Regime Seizes Land In Taunggyi Township For Railway Line

Burma Army soldiers (BA) have seized 28 acres of land in Taunggyi Township to build a railway line as part of regime leader Min...