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Regime Bombardments Kill 66 Civilians in Southern Shan State

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Over 66 civilians have been killed and 79 injured by air bombardments by the regime since fighting began in the Pa’O Self-administered Zone in southern Shan State in January, according to the Pa’O Youth Organisation (PYO).

PYO has recorded over 2,900 artillery attacks and at least 460 airstrikes in 3 months that have killed people and damaged over 600 homes and buildings in Hsihseng, Nyaung Shwe, Hopong, and Panglong (ပၢင်လွင်း) townships.

Over 70,000 people—52,000 in Hsihseng, 15,000 in Panglong, 1,000 in Hopong, and 2,100 in Nyaung Shwe townships—have been forced to flee their villages. Although many are hiding in the jungle and caves, some others are staying with their relatives or in Buddhist monasteries, a person from the PYO explained.

“It’s really difficult to send food rations for those hiding in the jungle, and it’s tough to deliver supplies to those who fled to Taunggyi as there are many checkpoints on the road.”

Currently, the displaced are sharing whatever food they have among themselves, but the PYO member worries about when they will run out.

In total, 606 buildings, including 562 homes, 25 religious buildings, 12 schools, 2 bridges, 4 clinics, and hospitals, and a market, were destroyed in southern Shan State.

The hostilities began on January 21 after the Pa’O People’s Militia Force attacked the Pa’O National Liberation Army (PNLA) together with the Burma army, ending the PNLA’s ceasefire.

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