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Nawngkio Farmers Eager to Return to Farms For Plowing Season

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Hostilities in Nawngkio Township have prevented villagers from returning to their farms since mid-April. Clashes between the Mandalay People’s Defence Force (PDF) and the Burma army displaced thousands after Thingyan ended. Now, they are eager to get back home in time for the plowing season.

A woman from Nawngkio town, who was forced to flee the fighting, said the Military Council is shelling every day.

“We are concerned about the price of seeds and fertilizer drastically increasing should the roads become blocked by fighting. If we cannot get back to our farms on time, our production will decrease affecting our income.”

A pack of maize seed currently costs as much 100,000 kyat and a sack of low-quality fertilizer costs the same.

Another farmer is worried that fuel prices will soar and he won’t be able to afford to use his tractor in his field. He said many people don’t have enough medicines and food rations.

“We really need aid,” he explained.

Buddhist monasteries are accommodating 1,000 people at In-wine, Chay Myit Pin, Bang Bwe, Kon Gyi, Kon Tha and Loi Tawng and over 2,000 have sought shelter in the regime-controlled Pyin Oo Lwin located in Mandalay Region.

Burma army soldiers are shelling Thon Sel, Samma Sel and Kyu-Inn from Shwe Nyaing Pin and Bang Bwe where they are camping.

An artillery shell killed a man and a woman and critically wounded four other villagers in Thon Sel on May 10.

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