Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Junta Crackdown Against CDMers In Northern Shan State

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The military has arrested numerous government workers who have resigned as part of its ongoing crackdown on the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) in northern Shan and across the country.


Many of these CDMers, as they’re called in Burma, have been left alone until now. However, the regime has recently reportedly ordered town, district and village administrators to compile a list of government workers who have joined the CDM and are still living at home. The Northeastern Military Command gave the order for soldiers and police to arrest them with the help of informants.

A man living in the town in Kyaukme District, who spoke to SHAN on condition of anonymity, said two teachers in Hsipaw were arrested on 15 January. “They were living in their house after joining the CDM, so I don’t know why the soldiers arrested them recently,” the man said.

Civil disobedience movement CDM
Civil disobedience movement (CDM).

A total of seven people who joined the CDM, including two other teachers, were arrested and gaoled in the town. Soldiers have also arrested teachers from Nam Lang in Hsipaw Township, and some youths from the same town, he said.

Eight people were recently arrested in Lashio.

“Soldiers are trying to arrest government staff who join the CDM in Lashio,” a lawyer from the town, who wishes to remain anonymous, told SHAN. He said two of them worked in the General Administration Department, four were teachers and two were political activists.

A few days ago, soldiers stormed the house of a doctor and a dentist in Kyaukme District and arrested both.

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