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Junta Sets-up Checkpoint in Mong Kung Collecting Vehicles Taxes

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The military regime has set up checkpoint to collect vehicles taxes from drivers at Tong Lao tract, Mong Kung town, central Shan State, Burma.


The checkpoint is on the main road from Taunggyi to Lashio. After the military coup, the regime forces set up in almost every township in Shan State. They check passengers and drivers. The local people face difficulty during travelling.

‘’It is so difficult for drivers these days. Working and making money is already difficult but we have to pay taxes to pass the checkpoint. It is more burden, because we also have to consume the high cost products which has been increased since the crisis,’’ said a driver in Mong Kung.

Checkpoint at Tong Lao tract on the main road Taunggyi Lashio Shan State
Checkpoint at Tong Lao tract, on the main road Taunggyi-Lashio, Shan State.

According the local, the regime forces collect passengers and vehicle taxes regardless of near or far. It cost about 12,000 Kyats (6 USD) per person.

For the vehicle and driver must pay more, the local source said, ‘’ Yes, they are collecting much money than before. We have to pay in the range of 50,000-100,000 Kyats (24-48 USD) per vehicle. Much or less, it depends on them. They have set up the checkpoint here for almost one month. They collect every car and every day.’’

The post-coup, the junta set up checkpoints across Shan State. The regime forces often check passengers’ ID and mobile phones. The source told SHAN that, sometime the regime forces abuse passengers especially youth and women.

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