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PSLF Will Help Rebuild War-wracked Koong Sar 

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The Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF) has formed a committee to help Koong Sar residents rebuild their homes destroyed by regime airstrikes during fighting with the PSLF’s armed wing, the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), in Namhsan Township.


Last Friday,the PSLF visited the village in Lashio District in northern Shan State, to see the damage in person and talk to the residents. Almost all houses were badly damaged, including the village’s monastery and school, when the military attacked the TNLA with artillery, fighter jets and Mi-17 and Mi-35 combat helicopters.

Koong Sar temple 1
Koong Sar temple.

“Some of the displaced villagers have returned to Koong Sar, while others have remained in a camp,” a man who is helping them told SHAN on condition of anonymity. He said about 100 people were still at a Buddhist monastery in Namhsan town. 

Residents have also asked the military regime for help, according to a woman who also requested anonymity. “Until now, villagers haven’t started rebuilding their homes.” she said. Other villages in the area have also been damaged by the fighting from 7 to 12 December, but none of them compare to the scale of destruction in Koong Sar. 

Damaged Koong Sar village 1
Damaged Koong Sar village.

“After seeing the damage in Koong Sar, the PSLF leaders promised to help set up a reconstruction programme,” she said.

Lt-Col Tar Moe Hein has been appointed chair of the committee, Lt-Col Tar Nyut Myam is deputy chair, and Maj Tar Gu Ring is the secretary.

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