Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Fighting Disrupts Harvest In Mong Yaw

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Persistent violence between armed groups has prevented farmers in Mong Yaw area from working on their rice farms in Lashio Township.

”After the fighting, Burma Army (BA) troops were sent near our village and they ordered us not to approach them on the road between the road and our paddy field,” said a man who requested anonymity because he feared reprisals. During the clashes, a shell had hit outside his village, he said.

Mong Yaw area
Mong Yaw area

Junta soldiers have been deployed to the area in northern Shan State since the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) fought with the BA on 2 November. The BA are staying near Mang Weing and the MNDAA force has taken up position on a hill near the village. The villager suspects that the regime wants revenge after losing three soldiers in the fighting.

”Some farmers haven’t yet brought their rice home, while others are still in the middle of harvesting, which is why we’re worried about more clashes.” They also need to harvest their maize and nuts, he explained, and the conflict is threatening their livelihoods.

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