Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Burma Army Uses Civilians As Human Shields In Mobye

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The regime has reportedly used 100 villagers they abducted in Pekon Township as human shields during recent fierce fighting with the Mobye People’s Defence Force (PDF) in southern Shan State.


A PDF fighter, who spoke to SHAN on condition that his name not be published, said the junta troops picked up the civilians during fighting in Pwe Kon wards 2 and 3 and around Mwe Taw Pagoda in Mobye town on Monday, 19 September.

“They attacked us with tanks, artillery and other excessive force,” he said.

Myobe PDF member got treatment
Myobe PDF member got treatment

Two resistance fighters were killed, but he couldn’t say whether Burma Army (BA) soldiers also died in battle.

Outgunned, the resistance fighters had to withdraw from Mobye and by Tuesday the town was silent.

In Pekon town, PDF Battalion 2 attacked a police station and a government office, according to a fighter from the regiment who also asked to remain anonymous. During the 15-minute attack, the soldier stated that there were no casualties on his side, but couldn’t comment on the BA.

Violence between the PDF and government forces in Mobye has continued since 8 September. The Mobye group warned locals and motorists travelling to the town to take care due the junta’s use of indiscriminate artillery attacks.

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