Burma Army Abducts Villagers From Southern Shan State


The Burma Army (BA) has abducted several dozen people after informants led the 100-strong column to their village in Ywar Ngarn Township, southern Shan State.

Ywar Ngarn
Ywar Ngan Township

A Lae Kein resident requesting anonymity told SHAN the soldiers took away 34 villagers, including four women, from their homes over a week ago.

Another anonymous local has explained that the men were taken to Kalaw town and the women were sent directly to the BA’s camp that is nearby.

“Some female villagers were forced to cook for the soldiers at their base near Lae Kein,” says the man from Naban Gyi, which is close to Lae Kein.

Before the military overthrew the government over a year ago, Lae Kein was peaceful. But things changed in the village of about 300 houses after the army launched a clearance campaign in Ywar Ngarn Township.

Another source, also asking for his name to remain unpublished, told SHAN there are 100 BA soldiers staying in Oak Twin and soldiers are also deployed in Htamin Poung, Kyan Taw and Paw Saw.

“Soldiers have stolen valuable things and phones from some homes in Oak Twin. Many have already fled after the BA forced some villagers to guide them in the area.”

After the BA committed grave human rights abuses in Ywa Ngan Township, about 800 people fled their homes. Now these people are internally displaced, and they urgently need emergency aid.

In mid-April, soldiers murdered six people from Pae Yin Tawng after accusing them of helping the People’s Defence Forces, which are fighting against the dictatorship.

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