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Burma Army Send Troops Near SSPP Camp In Southern Shan State

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The Burma Army (BA) has deployed troops near a Shan State Progress Party (SSPP) camp after a regime official warned the ethnic armed group to withdraw from southern Shan State during a meeting in Burma’s capital Naypyitaw.

Military sent force to towndown Taunggyi 17 March 2021
Military sent force to towndown Taunggyi (Last year photo)

About 100 BA soldiers were recently sent to Nam Mo, a small village of 70 houses in Namsang Township, a local familiar with the situation told SHAN anonymously. He said they forced Nam Mo residents to dig bunkers. The man said that the village, which is close to the SSPP camp in Laikha Township, has never received armed troops, including soldiers from the regime who are now sleeping in the Buddhist monastery.

Locals fear that fighting between the two armed groups is imminent.

An anonymous officer from the People’s Militia Force (PMF) in Namsang Township, which is allied with BA, told SHAN that the junta told the SSPP during the 31 March meeting that they have to retreat to northern Shan State to avoid armed conflict. SHAN has repeatedly called the SSPP spokesperson and asked for a statement on the expansion of the BA near their military camp, but he hasn’t responded.

Since last June, SSPP and Ta’ang National Liberation Army have been attacking the Restoration Council of Shan State in Lawksawk Township, which is northwest of Laikha.

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