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Authorities Refuse To Free Protesters Arrested During Nightly Raids

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At least 16 people arrested for protesting against the military government are still being detained in Shan State. Every night security forces drag people from their homes without telling their families where they are taking them.

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Protester at Muse

Sai Myint told SHAN that five were arrested in Muse but had no idea know where they’re being detained. He also wasn’t sure what they’ve been charged with but suspected it was for violating the National Disaster Law. The law is intended to prevent large gatherings during the pandemic.

Two of those arrested from Muse are members of the National League for Democracy and two work for customs.

In Kunhing, security forces nabbed two demonstrators and a protester from Kalai.

“We haven’t had any contact with them. Authorities said that they would release them after seven days but they weren’t freed and we’re very concerned about them,” a family member of a person arrested from Kunhing told SHAN.

Protester at Muse waiting at the police station call to free youth that they arrest
Protester at Muse waiting at the police station call to free youth that they arrest

Four people, including a female school teacher, arrested in Kengtung are still missing.

In Lashio, authorities arrested four demonstrators and another in Mongpan Township.

Despite the midnight arrests, protests across the country now in its second week, continue to build momentum. In Muse, demonstrators has completely stopped cross border trade with neighboring China. Before the first session of Parliament was held to validate 2020 election results on February 1, the Burma Army staged a coup, arresting Aung San Suu Kyi and Win Myint, Burma’s president.

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