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A Man Deemed To Be a Military Informant Killed in Ywar Ngan

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It is reported that a man who was paying a visit to a friend who lives in A Lal Chaung village, Ywar Ngan township, Southern Shan State, had been killed.

Ywar Ngarn
Ywar Ngan Township

On 29 March 2022, a local man told SHAN that a man who was visiting a house in A Nout Khone ward, A Lal Chaung village, had been murdered around 9 P.M because of his relationship with the military junta.

“His name is Ko Nyi Htwe. He lives in Ywar Ma ward, and he visited his friend here while he was killed. He is known as a military junta informant, and everyone here is afraid of him. The friend he visited is also known for providing information to military government,” a man who lives in A Lal Chaung village told SHAN.

According to the locals, Ko Nyi Htwe was stabbed many times and died on the spot. Not so long after the incident, a group of soldiers came and carried the dead man in a hospital ambulance.

“Not long after the incident, soldiers arrived at the house. The house owners, the couple, were arrested and taken away. A hospital ambulance took the corpse,” the above man added. 

Ko Nyi Htwe was the military junta informant, and he informed the authorities that there are people in A Lal Chaung village who support People Defense Force (PDF). As a result, Ye-Ngan Urban Guerrillas (YUG) and Taunggyi People Defense Force (TPDF) worked together to eliminate the informant.

Regarding the killing of Ko Nyi Htwe, SHAN tried to contact both Ye-Ngan Urban Guerrillas (YUG) and Taunggyi People Defense Force (TPDF) for comments; however, they could not be reached.

Around 100 more military junta soldiers were reinforced to Ywar Ngan township including A Lal Chaung village and other nearby villages, and they are searching and interrogating people in the areas.

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