Water Shortage Problem for the Karenni IDPs in Southern Shan State


The IDPs from Karenni (Kayah State) who fled to Southern Shan State and Southern Inn Lay areas are now facing water shortage during this summer season.

IDPs need water at Inn Lay Area
IDPs need water at Inn Lay Area

During summer, water in the wells and streams dry up in most of the mountainous areas, and insufficient of water is now a pressing issue for the IDPs – the IDPs have to purchase water for the daily usage.

“While the IDPs were at Nang Mae Khong areas, this was not a problem. But right now the Myanmar military has seized and based in Nang Mae Khong, so they have to relocate to these areas where water is very difficult to access,” a 35 years old man who is providing humanitarian assistance to the IDPs told SHAN.

About 500 IDPs are now having the shortage of drinking water, and some local aids and other regional donors collaborated to solve the issue. However, it will not be easy and sufficient in the long term.

“It will not be easy in the long run. Water is not enough and very limited for everyone. In some places, it is very dusty and the insufficient of water makes it vulnerable to diseases. At least, there should be enough water for cooking and for hygienic. Otherwise, there will be diseases and diarrhea,” another young native told SHAN.

Even though the IDPs who are now in Shan State would like to return home, they cannot do so because of the intensified offensive military operation conducted by Myanmar military junta in Karenni (Kayah State). Some IDPs have lost their homes during the operation, and they have nowhere to return to.

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