SSPP Kidnaps Civilians In Southern Shan State


The Shan State Progress Party (SSPP) abducted nearly 20 people from a village in Monghsu Township after they failed to join the armed group in southern Shan State.

Mong Hsu bridge
Mong Hsu bridge

According to a source from Wan San, who requested anonymity, SSPP soldiers from Brigade 1 beat the villagers before dragging them away. He said that SSPP often forcibly recruits men and even minors from the area, so many people flee.

“I am also fleeing from the village.”

There are 45 houses in Wan Sang and most of the residents are ethnic Ta’ang.

With the increase in fighting between the combined forces of the SSPP and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army against the Restoration Council of Shan State this year, the abduction of civilians has also escalated. Each side has an official policy of forcibly recruiting villagers in areas under its control. But these locations change depending on where the fighting is taking place and which side is winning or losing.

In addition to the worry of being recruited, civilians are constantly exposed to the danger of hidden landmines planted by the armed groups near their villages.

Recently, a woman stepped on a bomb while cutting bamboo near Moung Lian in Mongkung Township. According to a local source, the woman, who is at Loilem Hospital, needs a steel rod implant to save her leg, but only has $6, so villagers are trying to raise the rest of the money to help her.

More than 3,000 people have been displaced by the fighting in Mongkung Township while at least five people have been killed by landmines in southern Shan State, but none of the armed groups have admitted to planting the hidden explosive devices.

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