Supplies Transportation Difficulties to IDPs in Southern Shan State


The difficulties of finding a car to transport supplies to the IDPs camps in various places in Southern Shan State, such as Panglaung, Hsi Hseng, Ho Pone, Aung Pan, and others, has been reported.

Supplies for IDPs from Karenni in Southern Shan State
Supplies for IDPs from Karenni in Southern Shan State

“The military junta checkpoints are searching our cars, some checkpoints do not want to allow the men’s clothing to pass even though the clothes are for the IDPs,” a man who is collecting donations for IDPs told SHAN.

Due to many checkpoints en route to IDPs camps, many drivers do not want to risk and take the job, and some drivers asked for more fees according to the man.

He added, “The authority made a record of the car license plates of those going to the IDPs camps, and it may be monitored later on.

Currently, only the Red Cross organization cars are convenient to transport the food and other necessities.

Additionally, some private commercial gates are not accepting food and supplies sent from other regions for the IDPs.

“Commercial private cars do not want to accept the packages aimed for IDPs because the authorities at the checkpoints asked a lot of questions about the packages. It hindered the journey and other passengers,” a person who has experienced the issue told SHAN.

Because of the military offensive battles in Kayah (Karenni State), there are currently about thirty thousand IDPs in Southern Shan State who are in need of food and clothing.

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