Military junta government civil servants “NOT” paid in Phaikhun


Civil servants serving the illegal military junta government have not received their monthly remuneration in Phaikhun (Pekon) township, Southern Shan State.

Pekon Paikhun
Pekon Paikhun

Civil servants working for national government schools have yet to be paid for November salary even though schools resume since the 1st November 2021.

According to the recent report, more than half of the government schools in Shan State have been instructed to reopen from 1st November 2021.

“It is confirmed for those working at the government schools, they do not get their salary for the month of November. Other civil servants might not have received their salary too,” a female Phaikhun CDM staff anonymously told SHAN due to her safety.

It is reported that not only education department staffs did not get paid but also other departments such as general administration office and health care servants.

The Phaikhun CDM woman added, “I heard that every civil servants do not get paid. If the education department staffs do not get paid, the same would apply to other departments. We can no longer communicate with those working in the health care department too.”

Because of the ongoing conflict between Myanmar junta army and People Defense Force (PDF) in Phaikhun township, some civilians and civil servants are currently being displaced.

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