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Thousands at Risk of Starvation in Southern Shan State Without Immediate Relief

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Almost 10,000 people displaced by the conflict in southern Shan State could run out of food if they do not receive additional food donations.

A man explained there has been no relief since donations were delivered in January. He said they are trying to fill the shortfall by obtaining day work, but the issue is there are few jobs available in the area.

“We are running out of food and have to borrow money from other households and eat rice soup instead of a bowl of rice,” he said, adding that some people tried to return home but new clashes forced them to flee again.

“We can only provide them with shelter,” a volunteer told SHAN. “I think these people will starve in the future. The resistance groups are not allowing farmers to grow corn, so they cannot earn money as daily labourers.”

They fled from Demoso in Karenni State and Pekon and Mobye in Shan State, seeking refuge in eight villages, which include Bamauk, Kon Baw, Soung Hlan, Ho Woe, and Taw Poe Kalay.

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