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Parents Worry about Covid-19 as Schools Resume in Panglaung

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As government schools reopen, parents are worried about the Covid-19 infection even though no active cases are reported in the city of Panglaung (Pinlaung) township, Southern Shan State.

Panglaung School
Panglaung School

Even though Panglaung city is free from Covid-19, there are still sick people in the surrounding villages. As students from those rural villages are moving to the city for schooling, parents are afraid of them transporting the virus.

“No positive case is reported in the city now. High school students from the rural areas have moved to the city, not all have been fully vaccinated. So, we feel uneasy,” a Panglaung resident anonymously told SHAN.

According to a health volunteer based in Panglaung, there are neither positive cases reported in town nor patients at the hospital.

The volunteer said, “No more infected people now. Patients have been treated and discharged – no patient is at the hospital now. Government schools also resume, and many students are attending.”

After non-CDM education staffs meeting which administered by the military government, schools in Panglaung township started teaching since 1st December 2021.

After the township lockdown period from 1st November to 21st November 2021, Panglaung city has been free of Covid-19.

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