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Displaced Kyaukme Villagers Endure Frigid Temperatures

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The conflict has forced some 2,000 civilians from their homes in Kyaukme Township, many of whom need assistance to survive the winter.

Kyautme IDPs needs clothes
Kyautme IDPs needs clothes

According to a volunteer helping the displaced villagers in Mong Tarng village, they are in desperate need of clothes and blankets to keep warm, but they also lack food. She told SHAN 1,000 people are staying at internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps, while about 700 are bunking with relatives in Kyaukme town or other villages in the township in northern Shan State.

The volunteer said that with the subsiding of fighting near Loi Kong last week, more than 40 villagers have returned home and more will return in the coming days. ”There’s about 100 people left at Mran  Hker IDP camp where there’s very little food left.”

Fighting between rival ethnic armed groups has been happening in Kyaukme Township since June and many people have been displaced since then.

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