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Hsi Hseng paddy growers face an economic lost this year

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The paddy growers in Hsi Hseng township, Southern Shan State, experienced a lost mainly because of the superfluous rainfall.

Hsihseng cultivation
Hsihseng cultivation

It is reported that apart from the climate change which has caused the excessive rainfall, the other factors such as the outbreak of Covid-19, the political instability, and the increase in prices of fertilizers have triggered the lost to the farmers.

“We have faced a number of difficulties. The unusual excessive rainfall has caused damage to the paddy, and the inflation, especially the rise in price of the fertilizers, are the cause to our economic lost. This would increase our next year debt,” one Hsi Hseng farmer told SHAN.

Due to the commercial logging and excessive deforestation for farming, it has a negative impact on the overall climate change.

“Because of the deforestation, the ground cannot absorb rain water as much as before. As long as people are unaware of the impact of deforestation, we would see the same consequences every year. I would like to encourage farmers to reduce the clearing of forest and understand the value of it,” a Hsi Hseng resident who does not want to be named expresses his opinion to SHAN.

Farmers have not seen such surplus rainfall that caused damage to the paddy in the last two years.

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