Pekon IDPs volunteer tortured to death and corpse request denied


Ko Nyi Khin, an active volunteer who is helping the internally displaced people (IDP), was killed by the military junta in Pekon township, Southern Shan State, and his corpse cannot be retrieved yet.

military arrest Ko Nyi Khin volunteer at Paikhun
Military arrest Ko Nyi Khin a key volunteer helping the (IDP) camps in Paikhun 15 November

Ko Nyi Khin was arrested on November 15, 2021 at 9 P.M from his home in Pekon township, Nyaung Kone Ward 3. He has been interrogated for three days until November 18 when his death was reported.

“He passed away on November 18, it is confirmed. We could not reclaim his corpse yet. We went to request for his corpse, but we did not get it,” a Pekon resident who does not want to be named due to a safety reason told SHAN.

Even though Ko Nyi Khin was tortured and killed during the interrogation by the military personnel, it is announced that cardiac arrest was the cause of his death. According to someone closed to Ko Nyi Khin, he is a healthy person.

“The authority declared that his death was triggered by cardiac arrest. Actually, he is a very healthy person. Since he has been questioned for three days, it could be that he was tormented to his death,” someone closed to Ko Nyi Khin told SHAN anonymously because of the security concern. 

It is reported that Ko Nyi Kkin has been supporting local IDPs with supplies in Pekon township, and he is an enthusiastic philanthropist.

The military arrested seven people, including Ko Nyi Khin and six others who have a link to him, and none of them is released until today.

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