IDPs Flee Fighting In Northern Shan State


Saturday, October 30, 2021 Villagers affected by violence in northern Shan State have been forced to flee again after fighting broke out between ethnic armed organisations near the school where they were staying in Kyaukme Township.

IDPs at Kyaukme
IDPs at Kyaukme

According to a man helping them, about 30 people living in the school known as Ner Moon internally displaced persons (IDPs) camp were relocated after fighting intensified in the area.

“There was heavy fighting near the IDP camp for two days. We were worried that shells might hit the camp and moved them to the Buddhist monastery in Ner Moon village,” he told SHAN.

According to volunteers helping IDPs in Kyaukme Township, over 300 people have fled to Ner Moon, Bein Hkar, Mong Tang and Nam Sawt in Mong Tang village tract since the fighting began on 22 October.

A villager from Mong Tang reported to SHAN that he heard fighting between the Restoration Council of Shan State and the allied forces Shan State Progress Party and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army near Pan Salawt on the morning of 27 October. More than 1,600 villagers from Kyu Shaw and Hu Sua were displaced by the violence.

While the conflict is affecting new villagers, there are thousands of people from Nawng Sein, Pang Lin, Loi Kon, Mauk Nga Sang, Pan Salwat, Hu Kwet and Kyein Lor who fled the fighting in early September and cannot return to their villages.

“It’s been two months and they’re desperate to go home. Some of the IDPs cried when they told us,” another man helping them in Kyaukme Township told SHAN.

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