Burma Army Kills Woman, Injuring Six During Shelling In Southern Shan State


A woman was killed and six others wounded, including a child and a one-year-old baby, who suffered serious injuries when the Burma Army (BA) indiscriminately shelled a town in Pekon Township, southern Shan State.

Burma Army Shelling in Pekhon Township
Burma Army Shelling in Pekon Township

“Soldiers fired indiscriminately into Mobye and also attacked with artillery, causing extensive damage to several buildings,” a male resident of the town told SHAN.

Medics from the local militia and a Karenni civilian resistance group are trying to help civilians injured during the morning attack on 24 October, but they’re short of medicine and need blood for transfusion.

After the Mobye People’s Defence Force (PDF) vowed to defend the town with the militia against the BA reinforcements sent to the area, most civilians fled to safety.

A few days earlier, BA Light Infantry Battalion-336 indiscriminately attacked the town of Pekon, damaging a Buddhist monastery and several houses. The attack occurred after the local PDF attacked their checkpoint and killed five soldiers and captured weapons, locals told SHAN.

The civilian resistance group claimed to have captured an MA1, MA2 and three MA3 assault rifles.

At the time of going to press, it’s not known if civilians or animals were killed by the BA.

Fighting between the military and civilian combatants who are resisting the regime started in May.

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