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Tawng Yo Support group member arrested exceeding custody time without trial

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On September 24, 2021, Ko Aung San, a member of Tawng Yo Support group, was arrested by the military junta at his home in Sel Hkawng village, Pinlaung township, Southern Shan State. It has been ten days since his arrest; yet, the case is pending trial.

Ko Aung San Tawng Yo Support group member
Ko Aung San Tawng Yo Support group member

He has been kept in police custody in Pinlaung township, and the reason of his arrest is still unknown.

“He has been detained in Pinlaung township police station. I do not know why he was arrested. We do not know the details yet,” a man who is closed to Ko Aung San told SHAN.

The man added “Well, I talked to him by phone. We have been communicating via phone. His health is fine. We cannot see him in person, and we also do not know the charges against him yet.”

Soldiers also took away some properties from Ko Aung San’s home when he was arrested.

Local people said that the reason of Ko Aung San’s arrest could be linked to the statement released by Tawng Yo PDF on September 24, 2021. The statement indicates the formation of Tawng Yo PDF, and vows to attack Myanmar army.

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