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Burma Army Arrests Youths In Northern Shan State

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The military arrested seven youths in Lashio Township and accused them of belonging to People Defence Force (PDF), which has formed chapters across Burma to fight the junta.

Ner Hoy village at Lashio
Ner Hoy village at Lashio

According to an eyewitness, about 30 soldiers, including Military Intelligence officers, arrested the youths while they were having lunch at one of the youths’ houses in Ner Hoy on August 31. He told SHAN that two are from the village but the rest are from other areas.

“They took away a water pump, three motorbikes, two vehicles, five million kyat ($3,044) and six million kyat ($3,653) gold jewellery and other things,” the source said.

Military demolishing things in the house of youth at Ner Hoy Lashio
Military demolishing things in the house of youth at Ner Hoy Lashio

After the incident, many slept in the Buddhist monastery for fear of their safety, a woman told SHAN. “We’re ordinary civilians and we’re worried that there will be clashes in our village,” she explained.

On September 1, the advocacy group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners reported that the armed forces had killed 1,041 civilians and arrested, charged or convicted 6,107, while 1,984 evaded arrest. The regime sentenced 260 people since the February 1 coup.

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