Tatmadaw Force PMFs To Fight Anti-regime Forces In Shan State


Tatmadaw Central-east Military Command has ordered People Militia Forces (PMFs) operating in Loilen District in southern Shan State to send troops to serve as reinforcements for Burma Army (BA) soldiers fighting civilian resistance groups.

PMF in Shan State
PMF in Shan State

During a meeting with PMF leaders in Kholam town on August 7, the military asked them to provide it with a detailed list of their arsenal of weapons, while warning them not to support the anti-regime People’s Defence Forces (PDF).

“The military has instructed us not to give weapons to local civilians, Chinese businessmen and PDFs,” a PMF officer said on condition that his identity remain confidential.

In addition, the Tatmadaw deputy commander instructed PMFs not to drive unlicensed vehicles outside their area of operation.

“Currently, there are no protests against the military junta in Shan State, however, there are many armed organisations,” said Sai Kham (not his real name), explaining that if there’s fighting in Namsang Township, where both Restoration Council Shan State and a PDF are based, the BA will force PMF soldiers to fight.

A PDF officer told SHAN that it makes little difference if the PMFs are called to battle because they’ve a “clear objective to defeat the military junta”.

”We’ll continue to fight until the military dictatorship falls.”

The Southern Shan State Generation PDF learnt that the BA is demanding each of the 7 PMFs based in Loilam District to send 100 soldiers.

The PMFs are Loi Chel (Panglon Township), Nam Hu Pra (Laikha Township) and Kali (Mongkun Township). In Namsang Township, there are Wan Bang, Mert Keng, Ner Yai and Ho Mueng (SSS).

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