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Protest Attacked With Explosions in Northern Shan State

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Two men on a motorcycle died after attacking a demonstration with explosives in northern Shan State.

Namkham protest
Namkham protest

Over a thousand gathered in Namkham town to protest against Shan State Progress Party (SSPP) when attacked at 1pm on June 28. A local told SHAN two demonstrators suffered leg injuries after the pistol-carrying assailants detonated several bombs.

Another source told SHAN because the attackers died no one knows what armed organization they were with. He said people protested for SSPP to return the body of Sai San Kham Aik, a villager from Man Swan who died in the ethnic armed organisation’s (EAO) detention camp.

During the demonstration, people shouted slogans “we do not want SSPP”, “we do not support SSPP” and “SSPP should not kill Shan people”.

The EAO detained Sai San Kham Aik, 50, and three others from the Shweli River Valley on May 31. After releasing three people, SSPP informed Sai San Kham Aik’s family he died from high blood pressure on June 26. When the armed group refused to return his body, the family organised a protest in front of its office in Namkham on June 27, and the following day in the town’s centre.

Explore at Namkham
Explore at Namkham

An hour after Monday’s explosions, Burma Army soldiers and members of a People’s Militia Force removed several bombs that didn’t explode from the protest site.

SSPP is fighting with the Restoration Council of Shan State in northern Shan State. Both EAOs stand accused of arresting and killing innocent civilians from the area.

“The two Shan forces need to solve this problem. If they don’t, people will continue suffering,” said another source from Namkham.

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