Military Occupies Tachileik Monasteries, PMF Forces Leaders To Find Recruits in Northern Shan State


Soldiers are staying in Buddhist monasteries after a police station in Tachileik was bombed by an unknown group.

Soldier at Tachileik
Soldier at Tachileik

According to locals, military units have been deployed in Wan Mai, Ahkhar and Paliang monasteries in the border town located in eastern Shan State since June 13.

“Soldiers arrested many youths after an unidentified group attacked the Tachileik District Police Station,” a resident told SHAN. A high-ranking police officer was killed during the attack.

According to locals, the military arrested at least 9 youths on June 14.

A resident said he is afraid he will be arrested if he leaves his home after authorities tightened security in the border town. Armed forces are checking everyone on the streets and conducting surprise searches in the monasteries.

Many residents are unhappy armed forces are occupying their monasteries, schools and hospitals in the town along the Thai border.

In northern Shan State, the Mang Pan People’s Militia Force (PMF) is forcibly recruiting villagers in Tang Yang Township, Lashio District.

The PMF led by Bo Moong called up 12 ward leaders in Tang Yang town to tell them to find new soldiers or face fines of 2M kyat (US$1,215). The PMF expects ward leaders and two village headmen from Wein Lao and Mang Loi to each find one person from their respective areas.

After the recruits attend military training, the PMF will assign them guard duties in one of the wards, a headman told SHAN.

Shan State Progress Party, Ta’ang National Liberation Army, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army and Burma Army are also active in the township.

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