Explosions Causes Fear and Fatality in Burma


A bomb blast that killed a civilian and injured another in southern Shan State happened while university students were in class, despite beefed up security following an escalation of explosions in the Shan State capital starting after the coup.

Explosions at TGI 11 May
Explosions at TGI 11 May

Armed forces could be seen everywhere in Taunggyi after Friday morning’s explosion, a source told SHAN. “They are standing at every traffic junction while soldiers in civilian clothing are deployed on the tallest buildings,” a source told SHAN.

Another source said the person who was killed near Technical University was suffering from a mental illness. The other is receiving medical treatment for their leg at the hospital.

On the same day, later that evening, an explosion was detonated in Kokko village, in eastern Shan State.

A man from the nearby town of Mong Yawng told SHAN that no one was killed or wounded from the bomb that was planted in a grocery store. “During the explosion, the earth shook…Even though it was a handmade bomb, it was very strong.”

There were also explosions in Mong Yawng on April 21 and April 13.

Citizens of Mong Yawng Township, where both of the villages are located, haven’t been able to protest against the coup because they are surrounded by Burma Army battalions.

Last Friday, a bomb tore apart a General Administration Department (GAD) office in Kachin State after a meeting convened. Four employees were injured.

A man from Momauk town told SHAN that 90 people joined the meeting, including a village headman. There was also a farewell party for GAD officer Khine Min, who is being transferred to Hlaing Thayar Township, Yangon Region. As participants left the building, the bomb was detonated at around 11am.

In Momauk Township, almost 5,000 civilians have been displaced by clashes between Burma Army and Kachin Independence Army.

Since the coup, bombs have been planted in government offices, universities and police stations all over the country.

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