Burma Army Continues Attacks On RCSS in Southern Shan State


Burma Army attacked Restoration Council of Shan State’s (RCSS) camps along the Thai-Burma border. At least five rounds of heavy artillery and mortars were fired at its camp in Loi Lam Lon, which is situated opposite Wiang Haeng Township, in Thailand’s Chiang Mai District.

Thai Burma Boarder, in Wiang Haeng Township,  Thailand's Chiang Mai District.
Thai Burma Boarder, in Wiang Haeng Township, Thailand’s Chiang Mai District.

A resident who lives in the area told SHAN that no one was hurt during the incident on the evening of April 21, which happened only two miles from the famous Thai Buddhist monastery Wat Fah Wiang Inn. After news leaked of the military’s plans to attack RCSS’s southern bases, monks at the monastery started constructing bunkers.

Burma Army also attacked RCSS’s Loi Tai Leng headquarters and its bases in Loi Samsip, Loilam and Loi Kaw Wan between April 18- 21.

On April 22, RCSS and Burma Army soldiers squared off in Langkho District, Loilam District and Kehsi Township. According to a source in Namsan town, a Burma Army soldier injured during fighting died while receiving treatment at the Namsan Military Hospital.

There were clashes near Loi Nguen and Kong Mont villages, located in Namsan Township, according to the resident. And more fighting happened near Ner Khan and Kawng Yawng villages, in Mongnai Township, and around Nawng Tawng and Mong Lane villages, located in Kehsi Township.

Maj Kham San, the RCSS spokesperson, said that clashes were minor. However, an officer, who spoke with SHAN on condition of anonymity said a commander from Burma Army’s central-east military command ordered the attacks after learning that the Shan ethnic armed organization was providing military training for residents.

RCSS publicly condemned the February 1 military coup, vowing to support the protest movement against the junta.

Meanwhile, in northern Shan State, at least seven homes were destroyed during fighting between RCSS and the Northern Alliance on April 21.

A man helping residents from Pan Lon, Yay-O and Mang Hser villages where the fighting happened, said everyone has fled.

At least 28 homes were destroyed in Pan Lon during fighting that broke out between March 28 to April 4 between RCSS and combined forces: Ta’ang National Liberation Army and Shan State Progress Party.

Almost 2,000 are displaced by the hostilities in Namtu Township and they are running out of food and short of medicine and clothing.

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