Protesters in Shan State Face Difficulties Resisting Regime Amid Killings and Arrests


In the small town in southern Shan State, armed forces first prevented demonstrators from gathering by shooting at them whenever they attempted to congregate together. Now they are arresting people in their homes suspected of resisting the military regime.

Aung Pan
Aung Pan

Armed forces arrived in five military vehicles this Monday evening, April 19, to arrest Mar Mar Myint in Aung Pan. A person from the town who joined the demonstrations told SHAN that soldiers are grabbing people from other wards, but he didn’t know how many they arrested. “Soldiers have committed many violent acts,” he explained.

The man said that for now, they stopped protesting. “After we gather in a place they immediately arrive. All we can do is organize flashmobs or no-man’s protest”, he said, the latter implying planting political placards or other signage around town and getting out of the area as soon as possible. Since March 19, armed forces gunned down at least nine people during its brutal crackdown.

In Muse, in northern Shan State, armed forces detained at least 27 people for protesting, according to a source. The man who works with a local civil society organization in the border town near China suspects the number is higher but hasn’t been able to verify this. Police are holding everyone in the Muse Police Station. At least two people were killed, including a fifteen-year-old.

According to Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), armed forces killed 739 people in Burma since the regime staged a coup on February 1, and there were 3,331 arrested, charged or sentenced.

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