Civilian Killed During Clashes Between RCSS and SSPP in Northern Shan State


A shell struck a home instantly killing a man and wounding two other civilians during fighting between ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) in northern Shan State on March 23.

Taw Sang villager house Photo by Jao Zang Wan Nouk 2
Taw Sang villager house Photo by Jao Zang Wan Nouk 2

Villagers in Kyaukme Township are trapped in the middle of fighting between Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) and combined forces: Shan State Progress Party (SSPP) and Ta’ang National Liberation Army.

The same day in Hsipaw Township, villagers fled fighting between RCSS and SSPP. According to a man who is helping them, nearly one-hundred civilians are sheltering at Aung Mingalar Botaw Monastery. He said fighting was still breaking out near their homes in Kon Hser village-tract.

An SSPP official confirmed with SHAN the clashes with RCSS in the area, and said the EAOs have initiated discussions.

According to local news sources, violence is also happening in Namtu Township, with reports of civilian injuries during the fighting.

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