Security Forces Kill Protester, Injuring 2 Others in Southern Shan State


Security forces once again used deadly force against peaceful protesters in southern Shan State. Live rounds and teargas were fired at people demonstrating against the military regime  in Aung Pan town, killing one male protester and injuring two others on Monday, March 14.

Aung Bann Shoot
Aung Pan Shoot 14 March

An eyewitness told SHAN that soldiers dragged away the body of man who was killed before he could be identified. According to a youth, participants from Monday’s protest are asking village to village to try to find more information about the identity of the deceased protester.

During the crackdown, a young male sustained an injury to his waist and the other person’s lower leg was wounded. Both youth are receiving medical care at Kalaw town. Residents said homes were damaged by bullets after security forces fired randomly into the town on Monday.

On March 13, eleven protesters were arrested in Aung Pan. They are charged with violating Article 505/a and detained at Taung Laylone prison in Taunggyi.

In northern Shan State, men in military uniforms were seen planting grenades in a bus stop in Lashio on Monday evening apparently attempting to scare off residents who were banging cooking pots and pans. “When the grenades exploded they were loud and I saw a flash,” said a man, who suspected that 4 bombs were planted. The explosion damaged the roof of the Palaung Taungtan bus stop in Ward 10.

Since the military regime staged a coup, overthrowing the democratically elected government on February 1, one of the ways citizens across the country have demonstrated against the junta is by banging kitchenware at 8 pm every night.

Before the explosion, the witness saw four men departing a vehicle next to bus stop but couldn’t tell which organization they were from.

Since Monday morning mobile internet services have been suspended across the country.

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