Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Dead Bodies Found Two Days in a Row in One Namtu Village

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Dead bodies were found two days in a row in Panglon village in northern Shan State’s Namtu Township this week, with no leads on who the individuals were or how they died.

Numtu dead body
Numtu dead body

A body was discovered in a corn field near Panglon village on October 20, and two more bodies were found in a house in the village on October 21.

“We transferred the body that was found in a corn field to Lashio hospital. We sent the two dead bodies that were found in a house yesterday, to Namtu hospital,” Chit Mwe, secretary of Namtu town’s Metta Shin volunteer team, told SHAN. “We already cremated the bodies. We didn’t see any wounds on their bodies. The bodies were decomposed,” he explained.

Police are reportedly treating the cases as murders.

“It shows that there is no rule of law in our area,” a 35-year-old Namtu local man said.

Murders are not uncommon in northern Shan State, but arrests are very rare.

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