Union Election Commission Will Post Voter’s List Last Time


The Union Election Commission (UEC) will post lists of voters for the second and the last time during the last week of September.

voter list posted the first time last July
voter list posted the first time last July

Htin Kyaw, chair of the Election Commission (EC) for Shan State, said lists will be posted in EC offices in villages and wards across the state, so everyone can check if their information is correct. The numbers of registered voters will increase from the first posting, he said, but couldn’t give exact figures.

Eligible voters were first published from July 25 to August 7. “We usually post it for 14 days,” Htin Kyaw said.“But if we need longer, we’ll extend it.”

During the last announcement, it was extended for a week. Many found the spellings of their names, parents’ names and birth dates were wrong. For others, their names weren’t included.

According to the UEC, there are about 37.5 million who are registered to vote in the country. During the first posting, more than 6.6 million people came to check their information. Out of this, more than 150K found their information was erroneous. Over 210K discovered their names weren’t included. Over 66K applied to have names removed from the list.

During the 2020 race, the number of eligible voters nationwide has increased by 29 percent.

In Shan State, there are more than 3.5 million registered voters, an increase of 3.1 million from the previous 2015 election. When polls open on November 8, there will be 3,500 polling stations in the state.

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