Three Female SNLD Candidates Contesting Election in Taunggyi District


Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) is fielding five candidates for the 2020 general elections in Shan State’s Taunggyi District. Three are female and all of the candidates are young.

Lady member of SNLD
Lady member of SNLD

“These young electoral candidates can speak 2-3 languages. And some of them are legal experts after graduating from foreign universities. So we’re sure they’ll win in the election,” said Nang Mya Oo, chair of SNLD, who’s also a woman.

This year, 29 percent of the party’s candidates are women.

The SNLD party is contesting House of Representatives, House of Nationalities (Senate), Shan State Parliament and Minister of Bamar Ethnic Affairs in Shan State.

Nang Mya Oo told SHAN she expects they’ll win at least 50 percent of the seats they’re contesting, maybe even more than that.

SNLD did not win any seats in Taunggyi District during the previous elections held in 2015 and 2010.

SNLD will contest 45 townships in Shan State, including 12 seats for House of Nationalities, 38 seats for House of Representatives, 79 seats for Shan State Parliament and 3 ministerial posts for Ethnic Affairs.

SNLD fielded 163 electoral candidates during the 2015 election, winning 40 seats.

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