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Locals Catch Police With Drugs in Taunggyi

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Locals and staff from the administrative office in Taunggyi’s Shwe Taung ward seized nine methamphetamine tablets from two police officers last week.

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The incident occurred on July 7 while the locals were patrolling their community as part of an anti-drug campaign.

“We investigate all people who enter our ward. We seized nine yaba tablets from two police officers,” Than Aung, the Shwe Taung ward headman, told SHAN. “One police officer was wearing civilian clothes and the other was wearing a partial police uniform when they were arrested.”

The two officers were detained in Taunggyi Myoma police station. SHAN tried to call the police station to obtain comment from law enforcement on the situation, but no one responded at the time of reporting.

Headman Than Aung said that the distribution of illegal drugs has increased in Shwe Taung ward. The ward’s administrative office sought permission from Taunggyi District’s police commander to launch an anti-drug campaign in the ward. These activities led to the civilian apprehension of police officers with methamphetamine pills.

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