Muse Hit With Second Bomb Explosion In A Week


A second bomb exploded in the Burmese border town Muse on Tuesday at around 10 pm.


A resident told SHAN that during the latest incident he heard two explosions within ten seconds of each other. “Two bombs exploded within 10 seconds. After the first blast, there was the sound of gunfire,” said Sai Mao.

The explosion took place in an area controlled by Pan Say Pyithu Sit, one of the most powerful and influential People’s Militia Forces (PMFs) in the township.

Another source told SHAN they heard a very loud sound but couldn’t pinpoint exactly where the explosion happened but said it was close to where the first bomb exploded a day earlier.

On Monday, a bomb went off at a toll gate at around 8:30 pm. An eyewitness told SHAN that just before the explosion, two unidentified men came to the scene by motorbike and threw a black bag toward a fee collection counter at the toll gate.

On April 12, a bomb was also left by two unidentified men on a motorbike at the office of the MPT telecommunications provider in Muse township.

SHAN tried to reach Myoma police station for a comment about the latest bomb attack but no-one responded.

Translated by Sai Seng Han