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Man Shot, Injured in Tachileik

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The victim was shot in the back while riding a motorbike.

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An unknown gunman shot a man in the Thai-Burma border town of Tachileik in eastern Shan State on Monday.

The victim was 21-year-old Maung Aung Pyae Phyo, according to a Tachileik police officer. He was shot in the back while riding his motorbike with a friend at around 3:00 p.m. near Shwe Myae Thayar market in Mae Khong ward. The shooter was also reportedly on a motorbike.

“A bullet passed through his back—currently he is getting medical treatment at the Tachileik hospital,” the police officer said.


According to witnesses, the shooter was driving a Honda Click motorbike.


Maung Aung Pyae Phyo’s sister opened a case at the police station, in order to launch an investigation into finding the perpetrator.


The victim works as a security guard at a local hotel.


Shootings are not uncommon in Tachileik, which as a border town is known for drug trafficking and gambling operations. In January, a 50-year-old man was shot dead by gunmen on a motorbike while his car was stopped in traffic near a Tachileik market. The shooters were never apprehended by the authorities.

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