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Man Allegedly Using Methamphetamines Stabs Wife, Child in Mong Hsat

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Locals say he attacked his wife and two-year-old daughter with a knife; he is now in police custody.

A man allegedly addicted to methamphetamines is in police custody after locals say he attacked his wife and two-year-old daughter with a knife in Mong Hsat Township, eastern Shan State, on Monday.

Villagers from Wein Nay, where the man in question—U Myint Naing Oo—lives, told SHAN that his young daughter has been hospitalized for injuries to her back and thigh.

U Myint Naing Oo and his wife have seven children in total, ranging from 13 years old to infant twin babies. Since the attack occurred, the three older children have reportedly been excused from school, and volunteer groups and social outreach organizations in Mong Hsat are providing support to the family.

“Drugs are plentiful in this area. It’s very cheap to buy them—you can buy drugs everywhere. There are many addicts,” local man Sai Long said to SHAN about Mong Hsat. “I want local people to discuss seriously how we can control the spread of drugs and how to create an anti-drug campaign in this area.”

The most common drugs are known as yaba—methamphetamine tablets—which cost as little as 200 kyats (US$0.13). Opium cultivation in the area is also widespread.

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