Leaders Meet to Discuss Shan State Constitution Draft


The Shan State Constitution Drafting Committee is meeting to look into amendments to the second draft of the charter.

Leaders from across Shan State met in Thailand over the weekend to assess a second draft of the state’s constitution.

The three-day meeting of the Shan State Constitution Drafting Committee (SSCDC), which concludes on Monday, is being held to discuss necessary amendments to the second draft of the charter, which was first published in 2009.

“It has been long time not seeing each other,” said Khun Hseng, chairperson of the committee, who added that this meeting was significant because members of the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) would be in attendance. “Representatives from RCSS did not attend previous meetings for the drafting of the Shan State constitution,” he added.

Included in the SSCDC membership are Kayan leader Khun Marko Ban, Pa-O leader Col Khun Okker and Kachin leader Sherry Seng.

The first SSCDC formed in 2000, and was headed by Sao Seng Serk. The current draft being debated by the committee came from committee consultations carried out in 2007. It was originally written in English and was later translated into many of the state’s ethnic languages. The draft charter emphasizes minority rights, democratic federalism, and decentralization.


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