Larngkhur police chief beats innocent man


A police chief and his fellow officers have beaten an innocent man for no reason at a betel shop in Larngkhur township, southern Shan State, a local news source reported.


On May 2, 2015, at about 9 pm, Khin Maung Kyaw, the Larngkhur city police chief, and his fellow officers beat Aik Sai, son of Loong Zei and Pa Nong, at a betel shop, said Loong Sai, who witnessed the incident.


“Aik Sai was talking with his friends at a betel shop, when Khin Maung Kyaw and his fellow officers, who were driving by, stopped their car and walked toward Aik Sai. Khin Maung Kyaw then asked Aik Sai: do you know me? When he replied that he did, Khin Maung Kyaw said he didn’t know Aik Sai, and then hit him,” said Loong Sai.


The fighting caused one of the officers to get hit in the forehead. As a result, the Larngkhur authorities ordered Aik Sai’s parents and their neighbors to report to the police station, in order to press charges against Aik Sai.


A member of the Shan Nationalities Democratic Party in Larngkhur commented that this was unjust, as it was the police chief who was guilty of starting the fight, and the victim should be receiving compensation, instead of facing charges.


When the neighbors demanded that the case should be reviewed and the real culprit punished, the authorities ended up dropping the case. However, until now the police chief has not apologized.

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