Loilem authorities reject complaint against Burma Army soldier for attempted rape


Parents seeking to prosecute a Burma Army soldier justice for the attempted rape of their teenage daughter, had their complaint rejected by the Loi Lem district administration office yesterday, a local source said.

rape girl
The victim 14-year-old girl


A source close to the district office said that local officials were fearful of accepting the complaint because it was linked to the military.

The incident happened on April 17, but the girl’s family had been too scared to file a complaint until April 22.

A local news source said that the incident occurred at about 6:00 pm on April 17 in Kong Kon village, Dong Nao tract, 13 kilometers south of Loi Lem district.

The 14-year-old girl, daughter of Khun Nai and Nang Kham (not their real names), was staying at her house when Lance Corporal Myint Thien attacked her, he said.

LCpl. Myint Thein is a soldier from Loi Lem-based LIB 513 led by Maj. Aung Myint Thu and Capt. Kyaw Myint Niang.

He tore her shirt and tried to rape her, according to the local news source, but fled when the girl’s parents heard their daughter’s screams and confronted him. Her parents were able to arrest him with the help of their neighbors.

After the incident, Maj. Aung Myint Thu said the soldier would be punished for the incident, but villagers were dissatisfied that justice would be served.

After failing to get any response from the military, the parents and other villagers went to the district administration office on April 22 to file a complaint, but it was not accepted.

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