Friday, November 27, 2020
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Commentary on “First constitutional change bid in four years kicks off in parliament”

Amending section 436(a) in order to lower the Tatmadaw veto power of 25% will...
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Commentary on “Fighting rages as representatives meet for peace talks in Muse”

It is unimaginable to witness that this Tatmadaw’s “carrots and sticks” or “water in one hand...
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Commentary on “Tatmadaw likens Arakan Army demands to ‘a child daydreaming’”

What Major-General Soe Naing Oo, chair of the Tatmadaw’s True News Information Team, said...
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Commentary on “Aung San statue controversy highlights vulnerability of ethnic minority identity”

The reality lies with the conceptualization of common national identity, which is still very...
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Commentary on “Rakhine nationalism and the rise of the Arakan Army”

Advocating federalism in ethnic-based multi-ethnic state has to be accompanied with ethnic equality.   The present...
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OBSERVATION: AA leader’s political outlook

Arakan Army (AA) is led by a politically sophisticated and clever tactician named Major...

A Brief Commentary on Burma’s/Myanmar’s Civil War : Saw David Tharckabaw

  Written by:  Saw David Tharckabaw, former Vice-Chairman of the Karen National Union and of the...
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Inter-ethnic conflict in Shan State creates a cold war-like animosity

As if the problem in Rakhine State, that has provoked international and UN condemnation...
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BURMA’S PEACE PROCESS: From stagnation to drawback?

With the recent confirmation of the Karen National Union (KNU) statement on November 10...
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KNU temporary hiatus from peace process: Is reconciliation still possible?

Hardly has the sharp tone of the Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Laing died down, when...