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Shan Community In Thailand Offers Alms To Monks Dedicated To The Late Shan Queen Consort

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Shan community in Chiang Mai, Thailand offered alms to the monks, as a donation and at a dedication to the late Sao Nang Thu Sandi, the last Queen Consort (Mahadevi) of the Shan State of Hsipaw.


A memorial service for the late Mahadevi Sao Nang Thu Sandi, was held on February 11th from 9:00 am to noon. About 100 people including the Shan community came to Chiang Mai, and Mahadevi Sao Nang Thu Sand’s descendants and relatives, attending the service, and donated alms to the monks.

“Sao Nang Thusandi (the Queen Consort) sacrificed a lot for our Shan people and gave us a lot of help. We must follow her pioneering guidance and work hard for the development of Shan State”, Nang Charm Tong, an organizer of the service said.

At the memorial service, donations were dedicated to Mahadevi. Her life stories and photographs were displayed for the public to know about her, another organizer, Nan Mway Lyan told the Shan Herald.

“The main purpose is to do good deeds for Mahadevi Sao Nang Thu Sandi, who died 6 days ago. In accordance with the Buddhist religion, we made donations as a dedication to her. Her life story was displayed with photos”, she explained.

Austrian Inge Sargent (aka) Sao Nang Thu Sandi, Queen Consort of Saopha (Lord of the Heaven) of Hsipaw Sao Kya Seng, died of old age at home in Boulder in United States on February 6th.

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