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Fake Flight Tickets Being Sold Online

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In the last week of January, a man bought a plane ticket from an online plane ticket sales center for 200,000 kyats, to travel by plane from Lashio to Yangon.


He told Shan Herald Agency for News,” It was urgent for me to fly from Lashio to Yangon. I hastily researched online, and bought a return flight.

I had to pay more than 2 lakhs for a ticket. After checking in at the airport, I found out that the plane ticket was fake,” he said.

In a similar case a female passenger wrote on the social networking site that she had purchased a fake flight ticket for 138,000 kyats from a “Bonjour Myanmar domestic flight ticket sales department Facebook page, to travel by plane from Kalay to Yangon.

Scam phone numbers
Scam phone numbers.

“They told me that they needed an NRC, card and showed me a sample flight ticket to convince me. A ticket cost 138,000 Kyats. They asked me to transfer the money quickly, saying that they only needed the NRC card or a copy. They asked me to transfer money saying they would send me plane ticket,” she said on the social networking site adding “They were using the Bonjour name and address as scam.”

SHAN made inquiries about to the Bonjour Myanmar domestic/international flight ticket sales department, and the evidence of fake flight tickets being issued online. A person in charge said, “It’s not only the name Bonjour. There are scammers cheating with the names of every Travel” Tour company.

“The supervisor of Bonjour Myanmar Sales added, “Remember you can establish if it’s a scam just by looking at the address. Don’t buy a ticket through a phone number, or the chat box included in fake posts. Always check how many likes and followers there are. See when the page was created. Bonjour only uses one page with more than 300,000 likes.”

If travelers are defrauded of their flight tickets, they should first complain to the hotline of the banks that transferred the money, call 3211 for KBZ Pay and 900 for Wave Pay, and if the money has not been withdrawn, hold the money and ask them to close the account.

It has been reported that most of the people who travel by air in Myanmar these days only find out that the ticket is fake only when they present the ticket to airline counter prior to boarding their flight.

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